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Public toilets, Public restrooms

Public toilets can be street furniture, when the toilet is delivered completely as a complete building and can be used immediately after installation. The appearance of a street furniture-type public toilet is usually defined and single-person, but in terms of equipment, it can vary greatly depending on the customer's needs.

In parking lots and public places where, due to traffic, it is not enough to install a public restroom in the form of street furniture, the implementation of several single-person toilets in one building is the ideal solution. Toilets built in this way can be used free of charge, but of course it can also be a paid solution by using the appropriate admission module. Apart from the toilet rooms, the building may contain a separate urinal room, sometimes also a shower. A purposefully essential characteristic of urban toilets is that, regardless of the number of toilets, they contain a so-called service corridor. The function of the service corridor is that all sanitary equipment is installed from the service corridor, so there is no removable equipment from the guest area, the design is vandal-proof.

Another essential, but optional, service extension in the WC-Guide system

Another essential, but optional, service extension in the WC-Guide system

More useful information for smart public toilet operators!

Based on the operating experience of public toilets installed in different parts of the country, the service of the WC-Guide system has been expanded with a new safety "toilet water guard" function, which will already be installed in the soon-to-be commissioned smart public toilet in Monor.