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Built public toilets and their modules

Built public toilets and their modules

In parking lots and public places where, due to traffic, it is not enough to install a single-person, street furniture-style public toilet, the implementation of several single-person toilets in one building is the ideal solution. Toilets built in this way can be used free of charge, but of course it can also be a paid solution by using the appropriate admission module. Regardless of the toilet rooms, the building can also contain a separate urinal room, with the installation of an appropriate number of urinals, and in some cases, for example, where trucks are parked, a paid shower can also be created there.
A purposefully essential characteristic of public toilets is that, regardless of the number of toilets, they contain a so-called service corridor. The function of the service corridor is that all sanitary equipment is installed from the service corridor, so there is no removable equipment from the guest area, the design is vandal-proof. The toilets are used in the most simplified way possible, the urinals are flushed automatically, while the toilets, hand washing, soap dispensing, and hand drying are done by hand approach, without touching.
Essentially, existing technological solutions, equipment, and modules in the automatic street furniture type toilets must be designed in a new arrangement in the built public toilets, even for multiple people.
Therefore, it is extremely important that appropriate consultations take place during the architectural and building engineering planning of the WC building!

Built public toilets

Sanitary equipment and modules for built-in service toilets

Electronic entry module with coin detector

To use the toilet, you can use the intelligent, electronic coin scanner located on the admission module on the front of the cabin, set by the operator, and located on the front panel TFT. to settle the usage fee displayed on the display. The system can accept 16 types of coins according to the set currencies, even mixed. After depositing the specified amount, the system opens the automatic sliding door and here we can enter the vandal-proof, stainless-steel guest room. It is also possible to interrupt the payment, in which case the system returns the coins inserted until the interruption using the push button on the front panel. With free use, the same push button can be used to open the door. The front panel of the admission module and the TFT display show whether the toilet is occupied or free. The system does not accept coins in service condition or in the event of a possible malfunction!

Electronic admission module with coin scanner and contactless bank card and NFC payment option

In addition to the above, a cashless payment solution will also be installed, i.e. a bank card and NFC payment option, which can be used to pay the usage fee by touching the appropriate device. Our payment machine can be made in several designs, which means the packaging, the type of access control terminal, and the installation method of the coin scanner.

Toilet access, make toilet operation profitable! Complete toilet unit (no toilet or floor washing)

  • Stainless steel wall-mounted toilet, with built-in clogging sensor, complete with mounting elements, in standard or mobility-restricted design
  • Electronically controlled toilet flushing tank
  • Touch-free toilet flush control unit operated by hand approach
  • Electronics processing blockage signal (optional)

WC unit complete (toilet and floor-washing includid)

  • Stainless steel wall-mounted toilet, with built-in clogging sensor, complete with mounting elements, in standard or mobility-restricted design
  • Electronically controlled WC tank
  • Touch-free toilet flush control unit operated by hand approach
  • Electronics processing blockage signal (optional)
  • In this case, the toilet module contains all the equipment needed to wash and then dry the stainless steel toilet. It includes the building mechanical unit and controls for floor washing, but does not include the specific floor washing piping and nozzles. This can be designed and manufactured individually with knowledge of the building design.

Fold-up handrail (in the case of toilets designed for the disabled)

  • Stainless steel, vandal-proof folding handrail with one or two rolls of toilet paper holder

Fixed handrail

  • Vandal-proof fixed handrail, complete with fixing elements

Toilet paper dispenser built into the wall of the service area (optional upon order)

  • Built-in wall toilet paper dispenser with small roll that can be filled from the service area, complete with fixing elements
  • Large roll toilet paper dispenser built into the wall, complete with fixing elements, optionally selectable toilet paper minimum amount sensor, which can be communicated.

Hand washing unit complete

  • Stainless complete hand washing unit
  • Touchless hand washing, starting electronics with solenoid valve
  • Touch-free liquid soap dispenser with soap container. An optional possibility is to detect the minimum soap level, which can be communicated.
  • Touch-free hand dryer
  • Handwash installation frame
  • Garbage can be emptied from the service area

Trash can


  • Garbage opening, complete with frame

  • Automatic sprinkler system in case of trash fire (optional)

Stinless steel mirror

  • Complete stainless steel wall mirror that can be attached from the service area


  • Stainless urinal with siphon, complete with automatic, intelligent, traffic-dependent, water-saving flushing solution
  • Stainless steel urinal wall that can be attached from the service area, complete with fixing fittings

Baby changing mat (optional)

  • Stainless steel baby changing mat, fixed or folding version, with fixing fittings
  • Folding plastic baby changing mat


  • Concealed stainless steel clothes hanger

Wall well

  • Stainless wall well pool
  • Complete electronic, frost-free wall well faucet that can be started with a push button

Bucket spout in the service area

  • Stainless steel bucket spout to support cleaning

Toilet doors

The construction and operation of the doors is particularly important in the event that we need some information about whether the toilet is free or occupied. If this information is available, then we can know that the toilet has been occupied for a long time (e.g. feeling sick), when leaving, we can know whether there was a flush, if not, then an automatic flush is required, if there is a need to wash the toilet and floor, then during this time the toilet must be occupied, the door cannot be opened, in the event of a toilet blockage, the toilet room can be closed automatically if the door is properly designed.

Built public toilets, doors

"VízŐr" system for indicating water leakage caused by broken pipes or other malfunctions

In the case of public toilets that operate without constant supervision, the continuous, sometimes large amount of water flowing from a possible pipe break or a malfunction of a solenoid valve can be a serious problem. Normally there can be no water in the service manhole under the toilet, if it appears here, it could be from a broken pipe or the appearance of ground water or infiltrating rainwater.

Operator communication of built service room toilets

Communication module:

  • Independent electronic unit in the service area. Its task is to receive possible error signals from the WCs on an industrial serial line and transmit them to a data storage server via the available communication channel (LoRa WAN, Ethernet, mobile internet).
  • Communicable: power outages, water shortages, risk of frost, internal and external temperature data (depending on the layout), sewage storage capacity, if any, toilet occupied for too long (badness...), minimum soap level, minimum amount of toilet paper, break-in to the service area ( if there is an alarm), identified opening/closing in the service area (cleaning, service)...

WC-Guide remote monitoring system for operators

The WC-GUIDE remote monitoring software system makes it possible to view the data provided by the toilet buildings and to issue operating commands. The operating parameters, as is also available for street furniture-type public toilets, can still be changed directly using the controls of the control module in the WC service area.

Free toilet use for people in need

The free personal toilet usage right can be provided with a contactless RFID card or a key ring card. This solution can be achieved by the municipality or the payer issuing the card for free use with a personal appearance and appropriate information, which is valid until the issuer withdraws it. The card may be invalidated due to loss or unauthorized use. The free use for social purposes can be integrated into the toilets manufactured by B&K Kft. in terms of hardware and software, it can be an integral part of it, the ability to be installed also applies to street furniture-type toilets and built-in toilets in which our company's control system operates.