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Street furniture, automatic public toilets

Street furniture, automatic public toilets

Street furniture-like public toilets that function as independent buildings, public toilets that can also be used by people with reduced mobility, as well as optional accessories that further increase the operational safety and usability of the smart toilet.
B&K Kft. has been engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of public toilets for more than 25 years. This is the product category in which our mechanical, electronic and software knowledge is concentrated. In order to expand our product range and develop the design world of toilets, in cooperation with the Moholy - Nagy University of Arts, we have developed a new generation of public toilets with the support of the European Union. We are constantly developing our public toilets in terms of technology and services, following the principles of the 3T technology that we formulated, all the while preserving the originally designed design.
When designing the buildings, it was an important aspect to create public toilets that fit the requirements of street furniture harmoniously with the modern neighborhoods and the turn-of-the-century environment, and that people with disabilities can easily use them, so when planning the interior design, we also tried to follow the recommendations of rehabilitation engineer Csaba Csernyik to keep in mind. Thanks to this, in 2008, in addition to the HUNGARIAN PRODUCT GRAND AWARD, our toilets won the SÉRÜLTEK.HU MAGAZINE special award and the ODAGYELÉS award. Continuing on this path, we implemented developments that are useful for the users and the operators of the toilets and greatly increase the comfort of the toilets.

Street furniture, automatic public toilet Street furniture, automatic public toilets

The new types of automatic toilets created are products created on the technological basis of previously designed and still manufactured toilets, however, the structural elements used have been rethought in terms of their functionality and materials, and the software and communication interface ensuring operation have been completely renewed. To mention just one example, automatic extinguishing of any fire that may occur in the trash can is now a standard accessory of all our street furniture toilets.

As has been the case so far, the control, sensor and communication module of the toilet sends an SMS message to the phone number / numbers specified by the operator about all important events affecting the safe operation of the toilet. As a result of our developments, the operator only has to enter the phone numbers that receive the messages, the SMS messages are sent out by our company, so the fee is billed to the operator at agreed intervals. At the same time, the system also sends e-mail messages about the events that occur that affect the operation, in addition, the operation and status of the toilet can be monitored online via the WC-Guide system.

Our latest public toilet developments for the comfort of users and operators.

Washing and flushing the toilet bowl with pneumatic control:

We have made a significant development in the field of toilet flushing, for the reason of making toilet flushing and blowing off water remaining on the surface more efficient.

Hand washing module:

A newly designed, more comfortable handwashing module for people with reduced mobility, which includes all the necessary equipment for hygienic handwashing and the hot air blower for heating the toilet.

Automatic public toilet, hand washing module

Contactless payment by bank card (optional)

In the basic configuration, the admission module of our public toilets ensures that the use can be free of charge, or payment can be made in coins, when the payment can be made in HUF and EUR, even in a mixture. The admission fee can be modified by the operator at any time using the WC control module, or remotely via the WC-Guide remote monitoring system, if it is in use. The use of the toilet can be made free of charge at any time based on the operator's decision, by switching the appropriate switch.

Automatic public toilets, Contactless payment by bank card

WC-GUIDE remote monitoring system

The WC-GUIDE remote monitoring software system enables remote access to the WC building. On the one hand, it provides information about the condition and operation of each cubicle, and on the other hand, if the system is rented, the operator can remotely influence the operation of the toilet building with the help of commands. Toilet buildings are equipped with a number of special sensors. The signals sent by these are continuously transmitted to the remote server by an electronic unit, a communication module, located in the WC service area. The server organizes and stores the received data. These data are then made available to authorized operators with any device and browser with an internet connection. All you need is an internet browser to display the information. The WC-Guide system immediately sends SMS messages about alarms and important operational information from the WC building to the designated person or persons entrusted with operational tasks.

WC-GUIDE remote monitoring system