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WC-GUIDE remote monitoring system

WC-GUIDE remote monitoring system

The WC-GUIDE remote monitoring software system enables remote access to the WC building. On the one hand, it provides information about the condition and operation of each cubicle, and on the other hand, if the system is rented, the operator can remotely influence the operation of the WC building with the help of commands. Toilet buildings are equipped with a number of special sensors. The signals sent by these are continuously transmitted to the remote server by an electronic unit, a communication module, located in the WC service area. The server organizes and stores the received data. These data are then made available to authorized operators with any device and browser with an internet connection. All you need is an internet browser to display the information. The WC-Guide system immediately sends SMS messages about alarms and important operating information from the WC building to the designated person or persons entrusted with operational tasks.

If the use of the WC-Guide system is available to the operator (rental), you can view the current status of the WC, the events that have occurred, the current external and internal temperature values, and all other relevant information about the operation to the specified email address(es) online. information is sent, so you can search for a date at any time to find out what happened during the operation of the toilet on a given day. Furthermore, the remote monitoring system provides the possibility to modify the operating parameters of the toilet, as described below.

Operator messages based on SMS and e-mail

  • request for help
  • overuse or malaise
  • unauthorized use
  • clogging in the toilet
  • lack of water
  • Power outage
  • danger of frost
  • too high a temperature in the WC during the heating season
  • alarm in the service area

Another useful Water Guard service has been added to the WC-Guide system! >>

Commands that can be issued by a remote monitoring system:

  • WC automatic opening time
  • WC automatic closing time
  • Maximum usage time in minutes
  • Toilet and floor cleaning frequency
  • Usage fee HUF
  • EUR exchange rate