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Payer with automatic coin checker and contactless payment option

Payer with automatic coin checker and contactless payment option

Automatic payment terminal for public toilets, restaurants, cafes, fuel wells

As a result of technological development, contactless payments based on bank cards or mobile phones are becoming more and more common in public toilets. Currently, even in payment access control systems, coin-based and contactless payment options coexist in most cases, but the trend shows a clear direction.

Contactless payment and toilet access can have many advantages, especially in terms of hygiene, comfort and safety of toilets. Contactless payment and toilet access systems usually use RFID technology or mobile applications. Here are some of their benefits:

  1. Hygiene: Contactless payment and toilet access allow people not to come into direct contact with money, bank cards or switches. This can reduce the risk of infection, especially in public or busy places.
  2. Fast and convenient: Contactless payment is a fast and convenient way to pay. You only need to bring the card or device close to the payment terminal and the transaction is done quickly. Access to the toilet is also quick and easy. It cannot happen that we do not have coins of the appropriate value, which could prevent you from using the toilet.
  3. No need to carry cash or cards: Contactless payment allows your mobile phone or other device to be your payment tool. You don't need to carry cash or payment cards, which can be convenient and reduce the risk of theft or loss.
  4. Adaptability to the individual and location: WC access control systems give owners the opportunity to customize access and fees to the location. For example, you can pay a predetermined amount to access the bathroom, or you can get access for free if you buy some other service.
  5. Can reduce queuing: Contactless payment and toilet access can help reduce queuing time as transactions can be completed faster.
  6. It can be environmentally friendly: Contactless payment and entry systems generally require less paper and printing, which can contribute to environmental protection.

Toilet access control and payment system for your convenience!

Coin scanner and bank card terminal Coin scanner and bank card terminal

In the case of our street furniture-type public toilets, we have been using this dual technology for quite some time, i.e. our toilet access terminal handles both coins and supports contactless payment.

We can implement a cashless payment solution with two types of contactless card reader terminals:

  • NAYAX Onyx terminal
  • INGENICO Self 2000 terminal

In the case of built, custom-designed public toilets, there is a frequent demand for a custom-designed access control terminal, which, depending on the conditions of the installation site, has a door that can be opened either from the front or the back, on the one hand, and on the other hand, coin-checking and contactless access are required. In the case of built-in public toilets, it is common for several single-person toilets to operate in a building, and our access control terminal also offers a solution for this task, the toilet marked free can be selected with a push button, the occupancy is indicated and that toilet cannot be selected. Our payment machine can handle 1-3 toilets.

public toilet with payment system