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Another essential, but optional, service extension in the WC-Guide system

Another essential, but optional, service extension in the WC-Guide system

More useful information for smart public toilet operators!

Based on the operating experience of public toilets installed in different parts of the country, the service of the WC-Guide system has been expanded with a new safety "toilet water guard" function, which will already be installed in the soon-to-be commissioned smart public toilet in Monor.

WC-Guide's services requiring intervention will be as follows:

  • Risk of frost, too low a temperature in the service area
  • Water shortage for more than 10 minutes, depending on the place of application, the water supply is interrupted or the local water supply has failed
  • Power failure for more than 10 minutes, extremely important information in winter
  • Smoke in the service area
  • Clogging in the toilet bowl
  • Coin detector error, blockage
  • Washing system error
  • Wastewater tank saturation > 70%, depending on construction
  • Unauthorized person in the service area
  • Sickness in the guest area, no movement for 5 minutes
  • The emergency button was pressed
  • Door open after 5 minutes
  • There was a fire in the dustbin (there is automatic extinguishing)
  • There is not enough toilet paper
  • There is not enough soap
  • Continuous use of water, possible pipe breaks or other malfunctions involving water use
  • The appearance of water in the service manhole under the toilet, which may be due to a malfunction, a rise in the ground water level or possible inflow of rainwater.

When selecting the installation location for automatic public toilets, the groundwater conditions of the given location must be taken into account. As a result of a rise in the ground water level, possibly infiltrating rainwater, or a broken pipe, the water level in the service shaft under the toilet may rise, which does not cause disturbance in the operation of the toilet to a certain extent, but it must be avoided that a substantial rise in the water level in the service shaft occurs. Optionally, during the order, by optionally installing the appropriate sensor, the control system of the toilet sends information about the rise in the water level to the WC-Guide system, which also sends SMS and e-mail messages about this event to the operator. The rise in the water level can also come from groundwater, possibly inflowing rainwater puddles, or broken pipes, so for this indication it is necessary to conduct an on-site inspection as soon as possible and, if necessary, eliminate the problem.

Special mention should be made of any failure in the service manhole or in other parts of the toilet itself that causes continuous water flow. In such a case, it is extremely urgent to intervene and eliminate the problem, since on the one hand you have to pay for the running water, and on the other hand, the operation of the public toilet is automatically suspended. The water supply is cut off, which is also important, as the toilet's electronic equipment can also be at risk. This service can also be ordered as an option. When installed, the control system of the toilet monitors unusual water consumption and immediately sends an alarm message via the WC-Guide system to the operator via SMS or e-mail.